First Line Maintenance

  • Trestel provides First Line Maintenance service on Dark Fibres and Telehousing facilities in close co-operation with SITEL, spol. s r.o. (

  • Trestel guarantees 365/24 available support secured by SITELís help desk (contact details...)

  • Trestel Help desk mainly:
    • Receive trouble tickets from the Customers NOC and takes all necessary actions to resolve the problem

    • Provide ongoing reporting of progress on maintenance activities

    • Report faults on the dark fibre as soon the fault is recognized

    • Inform in advance by written notice to the Customer of planned works of any service affecting or potentially service affecting works (other than correction/emergency works), stating the place, time, date and duration of the planned works and the technical details of the potential impact on the Customers network

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